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Hello, and welcome to my introductory page. There is so much that I could say here that I could turn this into a book. But I will give you the basics of what I need to get across here.

If you find yourself needing more please feel free to contact me and I would be glad to talk in depth about any aspect of this area or any area that I have listed in the menu above by topic.

Each area of the menu is designed to be as short and to the point as I can be. But for many of you there will be questions. Please contact me.


  • Western Medical MD’s Etc, have a host of testing services and treatment options available to them for their patients. So they can be more complete in their information gathering to make good judgment’s by.
  • Now you can too can offer you own services and even new therapy methods outside of and within your current scope of practice, what ever that may entail.
  • Now you will be able to offer more unique services and options to your clients or patients than anyone else in your same profession will be able to do.
  • Just think what that would mean to be able to offer unique services and new methods of treatment for things that you now cannot do.

My Whole Site And Each Area Listed Within It, Is ONLY For Holistic And Alternative Health & Wellness Associated Professionals, Both Licensed And Unlicensed.

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This site is dedicated to providing services for your clients and patients, as well as training for you, should you desire it, so you can make a better income, as well as offering your patrons better health and wellness care!


All to big of a problem for our type of holistic health care, is the near total lack of services for professionals such as yourselves. Now you can have access to professional, technical, therapy and analysis services.

By being able to offer more to your clients, patrons and patients, this will give you more credibility and options for any problems that come up. Especially those that you are having a hard time dealing with.

You may need some more in depth data and answers to work within. Or you may need to know what else you can do other than what you have been trained to do. This is ultimately what brought me to all of these options. I needed help that was not available to me within my Acupuncture health care profession.

Now you can have access for the first time, to very unique and effective methods of analysis and treatment systems provided to you from an expert who has over 40 years research time invested, and 31 years of clinical experience. Where can you find that in the Holistic,Alternative Health Care System today?

Most importantly this is a mix of service support systems offered to you. Not as an alternative to your practice but assistance to what you do every day. It is an expansion of what you can offer.

No longer will you have to say to a client or patient “I don’t know why you are not able to repair, or become well again”. Or ” This should have worked as it has for other people with your same kind of problems! “

No more guess work, No more trial and error, which in the end can make you look incompetent over several visits.

No more limitations of knowledge you need to provide you with the answers to as to why things aren’t working.

Now you can have the methods and substances to deal with them, once and for all. Everything clinically tested and used over many years successfully.

You will now have cutting edge options, that will make it so you will be able to see behind the scenes of their hidden causes, which are all to often the culprits as to why the “Acute and Chronic” person is in real wellness trouble.

Whether it is weight loss that won’t budge, or severe physical problems that won’t respond to the best care methods you have.

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